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About the brand

The Spadiora brand was created in  2019 out of  Marta Lech‐Maciejewska’s passion for scarves,  handkerchiefs and t‑shirts, with  the help of which she has long been creating unconventional pin‐ups or stylizations, which she shared on her blog  and in social media channels. Her thing was hair  and a piece of silk intricately  woven into it. The brand’s originator was well aware of  the fact that this garment is quite difficult  and niche products that are not easy to play with. Until recently, in  the Polish consciousness, they were associated with  the times  and fashion that we have long behind us. Marta had an idea how to disenchant this bad PR. And  so her beloved third child, the Spadiora brand, was born.

From the very beginning, she followed the principle that they are to be the highest quality products- from the material to  each edge. Print ideas arise in  Founder’s head, and  Polish graphics are responsible for their implementation. Marta invites incredibly talented graphic artists  and cartoonists to cooperate with her, who put her ideas on paper in  a characteristic way. Each of the patterns is unique  and not accidental. Preparing each of  them takes many hours of hard work. It took a month to draw the „My Country” scarf. It can be safely said that these are projects that are socially engaged in  the subject of women’s self‐acceptance, as well as environmental protection and  even smog. Their common denominator is awareness  and responsibility for themselves, care for  interpersonal relations  and our environment. The last project, the Zodiac scarf, is a manifesto of support between divisions. Aries calls Leo, and  Sagittarius is brushing Virgo’s hair. Strong colors, just like the motto itself, but so balanced that they will „tweak” any stylization, at  any time of the year. Spadiora’s woman is always well dressed and  never disguised.