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Collections Silk Spadiora in a pink case

October is the “ Pink Ribbon” month”. This is the month of fighting breast cancer. This is the time when we talk loudly about prevention and health. This year, I also decided to speak on this important matter by creating a limited edition scarf called „Femininity”.

„Femininity” is the iconic pattern of Spadiora. Polish women love the quality and the message it brings. 

This silk scarf is a manifestation of strength, determination, solidarity, beauty, and health. This scarf tells a story about our dissimilarity, about the difficult art of accepting our own bodies and supporting each other. It’s high time for us to stop judging and begin to appreciate. “Femininity” is a tribute to my mother‐in‐law, who after many years lost the fight against breast cancer.

Now, as part of the „Pink Ribbon” campaign, „Femininity” was recreated in a new color version. The number of scarves is limited. 100% of the profit from the sale of this limited model will be allocated to breast cancer research conducted by the International Center for Hereditary Cancer at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

Spadiora’s Launch Session

On July 15, a photo session of the Polish brand of scarves, Spadiora, took place with the participation of extraordinary characters. The atmospheric photos were taken in Mszczonów, near Warsaw, in the former Gnoyon Hunting House. Behind the lens stood one of the most talented duo of photographers: Agnieszka Kulesza and Łukasz Pik. Spadiora’s muses were five models, including the originator and owner of the brand – Marta Lech ‐ Maciejewska.

The whole session was guided by the idea that despite the differences between us women, we can learn a lot from each other. Every relation is valuable. It teaches us the truth about others and ourselves. Hence, instead of mutual evaluation, let’s put on mindfulness and humility towards the other woman. Each of the characters is assigned a trait that may inspire others to change, work on themselves or like what we have not accepted so far, because it seemed unattractive to us.

This vision was perfectly reflected by the characters invited to the project.

Helena Norowicz, an actress for many years associated with the Warsaw theater and film scene, and for some recent time – a model. Despite her mature age, she doesn’t slow down and engages in more and more new projects. Huge PASSION and commitment are something that guided her throughout her life, also in the private area. She often went against the tide, making rebellious decisions that could not be pigeonholed in the „colorful years of the PRL”. This fire and love of life, but also uncompromising nature can be clearly seen in the session photos.

SENSUALITY is a combination of noble femininity, beauty, elegance, and sensitivity. This is what the second woman taking part in the session is like – Ania Dzieńkowska, a longtime dancer of the Grand Theater of the National Opera, and now the owner of a ballet school. Ania, like no one else, perfectly understands the thin line between sensuality, sophistication, and exhilarating sexuality.

Stylist Maja Naskrętska is the third heroine of Spadiora’s session. Contemporary Mona Lisa Why? Just look at the photos. Maja is the embodiment of sensitivity, incredible modesty, hidden under a halo of SECRETITY and an inscrutable gaze.

The fourth heroine of the session – Marta Lech ‐ Maciejewska is an unquestionable synonym of COURAGE. She has come a long way, stepping out of her comfort zone and raising the bar for herself. Marta combines extraordinary creativity and artistic flair with a common‐sense approach to life. She has the courage to live 100%. Every day, she motivates his readers to make small changes in their lives, which become the sum of these groundbreaking ones.

. One cannot forget about the youngest model, the charming Blanka, who, while playing with the cute puppy during the shooting, gave everyone a signature lesson in carefreeness and the ability to be here and now.

Paweł Borkowski and Martyna Parchimowicz were responsible for the make‐up during the session. The irreplaceable Joanna Imroth took care of the hair and styling of the models.

A scarf woven into a wedding theme

We did the next session in cooperation with Marta and Łukasz, who you may know as Muscari. We decided to join forces to combine silk scarves with a wedding motif. They were woven into wreaths, flower bouquets, and corsairs. But also used as an additional element of wedding styling, e.g. a belt or a neck accessory. The reader of our blog, Dominika, took part in the session as the second model.

Photographer– Elena Matiash

Models Marta Lech‐Maciejewska, Dominika Miśkiewicz

Flower arrangements, wreaths– Muscari

Hair – Atelier Grzebień & Nożyczki

Make up– Paweł Borkowski Estee Lauder

Dresses– JOSH Wedding

Jelwery– Cosmostones

Venue – Moonshot space for rent, Warsaw

A scarf in everyday styling

During our first session, we wanted to show scarves in everyday styling. Show our customers that scarves are timeless and fit absolutely everything. They can look great tied in the hair, classic to the coat, or replacing the belt in trousers. There was also room for bolder stylizations like a model wearing only Spadiora „Femininity”. We wanted to show solutions for both larger 90x90cm scarves and smaller, 53x53cm scarves.

Photographer: Magda Hanik Model,

Model, hair, make upFash Team

Venue – Summer Studio, Warszawa