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GLAMOUR – october 2020

„Marta Lech ‐ Maciejewska together with the Spadiora brand was nominated for the Glamor Woman of the Year 2020 title in the Business category.”

Women’s Health – october 2020

“Until recently, in Polish consciousness (scarves) they were associated with the times and fashion that we have long behind us. Marta had an idea how to disenchant this bad PR, and so her beloved third child was born – the Spadiora brand. ”

Womens Health Spadiora scarfs

GLAMOUR – september 2020

“Fashion is too often trivialized, and I think it can talk about important things. I want women to find their lives in my projects. ”

Glamour artykuł Spadiora

Claudia – september 2020

“It can be safely said that these are projects that are socially engaged in the subject of women’s self‐acceptance, as well as environmental protection, and even smog. Their common denominator is mindfulness and responsibility for themselves, care for interpersonal relationships and our environment. ”

Glamor Spadiora silk scarves with a feminist message

Ofeminin – september 2020

„Marta Lech ‐ Maciejewska:” I talk to women of all ages because scarves are used by both women in their twenties and those in their seventies. For each of them, the topics presented on the scarves are important and evoke emotions: from joy to emotion. That’s why I think the stories presented on the scarves are relevant today and will be relevant in the decades to come. ”

Ofeminin Spadiora feminism and the fight for the good name of fashion

Ofeminin – august 2020

“The blogger created scarves with a feminist message. How do self‐acceptance and motherhood look like on silk? ” 

„Although the brand was created” out of love for scarves „, its activities also show that we can bestow love not only on fashionable accessories but also on ourselves. Each of the scarves deals with a slightly different subject, which will be familiar not only to women. ”

Ofeminin Spadiora scarves with a feminist message

Glamour – august 2020

„Why is Spadiora unique? Because each project is a social or feminist manifesto that raises important issues such as maternity and self‐acceptance. ”

Claudia Spadiora what we learn from other women

GLAMOUR –april 2020

“This is the easiest way to introduce a little color into the wardrobe, without disturbing the consistency of a wardrobe, especially when it is dominated by the classic: white, shades of gray and black. It is also an option for girls limited by the official dress code, which does not give much room for styling maneuvers – says Marta Lech‐Maciejewska. ”

Glamour Spadiora scarfs

Glamour – march 2020

„How to tie a scarf? See the tutorial prepared especially for us by SuperStyler! „
A tutorial prepared by us especially for Glamor.

Glamor Spadiora How to tie a scarf

Claudia – december 2019

“I want to encourage women to do preventative medical tests. I designed a collection of scarves on which women cover their breasts with fruit. The fruits are different, just as our breasts are different ”

Claudia artykuł Spadiora